Our Approach


A new spin on Business Objects Training

As one of the leading Business Intelligence platforms in the global marketplace, BusinessObjects makes business data actionable and gives your company the insight it needs to keep moving forward. The thing is, if trainers aren’t approachable, knowledgeable and able to engage students, it’s unlikely your staff will make the most of the BI tools.


Ineffective training hurts your bottom line.

Our training approach: balance best practices with real solutions.

At Hillyer, we believe that the best learning happens when students are engaged. And we know engagement is impossible if the trainer is reading a script or provide real answers to questions that fall outside of the standard curriculum. 


Have you ever taken a class from trainers with experience only in the classroom or consultants without an ability to effectively teach? Those courses are sometimes fine but we believe training should be better than fine. We offer the whole package. Done right, training will empower your employees and improve your business. When you hire us to train BusinessObjects, you’re hiring insightful consultants AND professional trainers who have used and trained the software regularly for years across a variety of organizations; a true value. 


When you hire Hillyer, you get:


Real-world experience with the software

Your staff will benefit from our hands-on experience with BusinessObjects. All our trainers have used the software in a work setting of their own for over 14 years.



Working Together

Relevant examples

We use our own extensive training data which provides more realistic examples and variation than a typical training database (no eFashion®!!). This makes the lessons more relevant to your staff.



Our trainers speak plain-english, give hands-on expertise, and are able to answer questions outside the standard curriculum. They’re available and open to students.



We were students of BusinessObjects once, too. We have deep technical knowledge of our subject matter, but we have a knack for making students comfortable. We have humor and patience, a combination that enriches your staff ’s learning experience.


Get BusinessObjects training at your workplace

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