Universe Design Tool & Information Design Tool


We love good universe design. And we believe a usable design comes from an artful mix of best practices and pragmatism. Our courses are filled with good design standards, as well as realistic resolutions to the problems you'll face. Our instructors didn't learn good design from a textbook - they learned it from creating hundreds of universes for our customers.


Course description

We teach both Universe Design Tool (UDT) and Information Design Tool (IDT).  Both courses will provide best practices recommendations as you create new universes, add tables and relationships, create and organize objects, resolve SQL traps, and use aggregate navigation. The IDT course topics include:


*Creating connection shortcuts

*Creating a single-source data foundation

*Using parameters and lists of values

*Creating a business layer

*Publishing a universe

*Creating a multi-source data foundation

*Using shared projects

*Resolving chasm and fan traps

*Setting aggregate awareness

*Using the Security Editor



For developers new to universe design, new to the Information Design Tool, or experienced developers looking for best practices.



SQL skills and Web I recommended.


Course tuition

IDT - $5,250 for up to 12 students

UDT - $4,000 for up to 12 students


Course duration

IDT - 3 Days

UDT - 2 Days


Interested in on-site training for the UDT or IDT? Contact us to get started with your Business Objects training.

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