Business Intelligence 4.x Upgrade Training


With the arrival of BI 4.1, there are some important changes and a whole lot of catching up to do. If your company is upgrading to 4.1, get trained and make the most of your upgrade! Upgrade courses include:


What’s New/Different in WebI?

Includes three training booklets (BI Launch Pad, WebI 1 and WebI 2) for reference. For the experienced developer but just needs to know how to use the same features in 4.1.


*Navigating in BI Launch Pad

*Creating BI Workspaces

*Understanding query panel changes and the Data Access toolbox

*Creating elements (tables, crosstables, charts)

*Changing elements (sections, breaks, properties)

*Formatting elements and adjusting page layout

*Creating report filters and accessing analysis toolbox



WebI 3.1 developer-level knowledge.



$3,000 for up to 12 students



1 Day




What’s New/Different in IDT?

Includes one training booklet for reference. For the experienced universe designer that already 

understands universe design concepts but need to learn how to create UNX universes.


  • Creating connection shortcuts

  • Creating a single-source data foundation

  • Using parameters and lists of values

  • Creating a business layer

  • Publishing a universe

  • Creating a multi-source data foundation

  • Using shared projects



UDT universe design experience.



$4,000 for up to 12 students



1 1/2 Days




What’s New/Different in Dashboards?

Includes one training booklet for reference. For the experienced dashboard designer that already 

understands dashboard design concepts but needs to get an update on new features.


  • UNX support and mobile compatibility

  • Publishing to Enterprise

  • Using the query browser

  • Using BIWS through Web Intelligence web client



Xcelsius dashboard design experience.



$1,750 for up to 12 students



1/2 Day




What’s New/Different in Administration?

Our system administration trainer has been through the upgrade already and knows what it takes to plan, implement, and administer a 4.x environment. The course discusses design and upgrade strategy options to help you in your planning phase. Installation, authentication setup, configuration settings/server sizing will be demonstrated, as well as the Upgrade Management Tool. Some of the new modules of the Central Management Console (CMC) including promotion management, version management, and monitoring will be reviewed. In addition, you’ll get real-world tips on what to look out for when migrating pre-existing security and content. . Choose the topics that work for you.


  • Upgrade strategy

  • Environment design

  • Installation and authentication

  • Adaptive processing/Job server configurations

  • Migrating content and the upgrade management tool

  • Managing content

  • Monitoring and auditing



Experience administering a 3.1 environment


Tuition and Duration

(length depends upon topics chosen)

1 day: $2,750

2 days: $4,000

3 days: $5,250



Upgrading to BI 4.1 and wondering which courses are suitable for your company? Contact us to talk about your Business Objects training needs.

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