Our Team


The company was started by two experienced trainers that wanted to deliver consistently great classes at reasonable prices. Today we have a variety of talented team members that help us provide training and consulting services, although many of our courses are still taught by the company founders. We take pride in delivering quality training courses taught by quality instructors that know their stuff. 


Carmen - Founder and Lead Trainer


In high school, Carmen worked in the computer lab. And while her life’s ambition wasn’t exactly clear at that point, what was clear was that Carmen knew that helping people use software was fun AND she happened to be good at it.


Fast forward past college and graduate school, and you’ll find that Carmen has carved a niche for herself and Hillyer Consulting in software training. Combining Business Intelligence best practices with practical and pragmatic approaches to meet specific business needs, she is able to offer real resolutions to customers’ problems. 


Carmen’s teaching style can best be described as informed and approachable. She doesn’t just pick up a manual and recite information: Carmen uses the tools she’s teaching regularly, giving her insight that directly benefits her clients. Students are relaxed by her humor and inspired by her desire to complete quality work. 


When Carmen is not in front of a class or behind a computer screen, you might find her with her family, rock climbing, or in some other part of the world (she’s been everywhere from Australia to Japan).


If you’re interested in having Carmen train at your company, contact her via phone at 763.786.5097 or by email


Jack - Founder and Lead Trainer


Jack and Carmen met in college at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls where Jack received his B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Quantitative Analysis in Mathematics, Economics, and Computer Science. Later they worked together at their first job after college, training and supporting a variety of business intelligence tools, including BusinessObjects, for internal employees and external customers. Eventually they ventured out separately to work at other organizations, but came back together years later, with their passion for excellence in training, to create Hillyer Consulting. Together they've authored a professional series of training manuals focusing specifically on the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio of products.


Jack has successfully delivered training and consulting services to multiple large and small companies locally, nationally, and internationally. He has an extensive background using and teaching the SAP product line including BEx queries, BICS connectivity, universe design including relational design, Web Intelligence, security administration, and more. Jack possesses professional training abilities in needs assessment, instructional design, instructional development (both instructor-led and eLearning), training delivery, and adult learning principles. He has attended the Instructor Training Skills certification program at the University of St. Thomas' Management Center.


When Jack isn't writing fast queries or driving fast cars he can be found spending time with his family, bowling, camping, or riding his bike across the country.


If you’re interested in having Jack train at your company, contact him via phone at 763.786.5097 or by email


Chad - System Administrator


Chad has been administering and supporting BusinessObjects Enterprise since 2000. Chad brings his deep, real-world experience to our customers and they appreciate the sound, pragmatic recommendations and having a reliable resource for planning, installing, configuring, upgrading, sizing, securing, or doing anything else wtih BusinessObjects!


When Chad isn't wowing customers he can be found coaching his boys in basketball, riding his motorcyle, or pretending he used to be a hockey player.


Emma - Report Developer & Tester


Once Emma's family moved from Colorado to Oregon she converted from customer to consultant! Her enthusiasm for Web Intelligence development and all the tool has to offer paired with her quick learning, attention to detail, and thoroughness makes her a valuable asset to our team. Emma has helped our customers with report development and upgrade testing and is always ready to dive in to new challenges.


When she isn't expanding her universe development skills or having babies Emma enjoys being outdoors, playing board games, and volunteering. She also works daily on trying to get the Dora the Explorer theme song out of her head - good luck with that, Emma!


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