Web Intelligence


Our most popular Business Objects training courses, Web Intelligence I and II training will walk your developers and analysts through creating a query and building a report, from start to finish.


Web Intelligence I


Course description

A starter course, Web Intelligence I is geared toward anyone who needs to create simple reports, make minor changes to existing reports, or intends to take Web Intelligence II.


This course covers the basics including building a new query, creating tables and charts, adding breaks and totals, and adjusting the report look and feel. Specific topics covered include:


*Navigating in BI Launch Pad

*Building basic queries and query filters

*Creating elements (tables, crosstables, charts)

*Changing elements (sections, breaks, properties)

*Formatting elements and adjusting page layout



This course is for developers and analysts new to Web Intelligence or those looking for a good foundation in the basics. 





Course tuition

$2,750 for up to 12 students


Course duration

1 day


Web Intelligence II


Course description

Web Intelligence II covers the use of advanced querying features like sub queries and combined queries, creating advanced variables including extended syntax, using a variety of filtering such as input controls and ranking, and successfully merging data providers. This course will cover:


*Creating basic and advanced report variables (formulas)

*Creating conditional rules

*Using data tracking


*Hyperlinking elements and documents

*Using Excel as a data provider

*Creating multiple queries

*Merging queries/data providers

*Creating advanced queries (sub queries and combined queries)

*Using advanced query operands

*Creating and using a BIWS



This course is for developers and analysts who will create complex reports and those that want to take their skills to the next level.



Web Intelligence I or equivalent experience


Course tuition

$4,000 for up to 12 students


Course duration

2 days


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