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Training development is time consuming and expensive. According to the Association of Talent Development (www.astd.org), one hour of instructor-led delivery takes between 43-185 hours to design and develop. On the low end, a 3-day course could cost $45,150 to design and develop!


When you work with Hillyer, you don’t need to hire us to instruct if you have instructors of your own. Instead, you can purchase access to our training database and training manuals to use and repurpose for your own business. We have Web Intelligence, Lumira, Universe Designer, Information Design Tool, and Dashboards available for purchase. There are several licensing options, depending on how you’d like to use our materials:

To use as a template: $5,200

Have your own training staff, but need a jumping point for creating custom materials? Start here. When you purchase our Business Objects training manuals for customization, you have everything you need to get started. Manuals are available on a per class basis. You’ll receive manuals in a Word document to edit as you wish. (For copyright purposes, you must change 70% of the content.)

To use as is: $18,995

Save the time, money, and hassle involved with creating your own materials! With our Business Objects training manuals, your training staff will be ready to hit the ground running. Manuals in PDF format for as-is usage come packaged with our training database, reports, and universes, so you have everything you need for a complete course.


Receive updates, corrections, or get new manuals when software is updated for an annual fee of 10% of your manual purchase price.

Completely Customizable $27,995

Want the ability to customize the training materials, brand them as your own, etc.? Purchase the fully customizable option. This option includes the training database, Word files of training manual, six training universes, and training reports/files.


**Our most popular option!!**

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